About Us

At Tigeraire, sports aren’t just about fun and exercise. They’re about the sense of community that brings us together. They’re about the competition that pushes us to our limits, and the discipline that makes us strive to improve every day. We actively work to help athletes be safer, train more effectively, and perform better in the sports they love. 

Our first product, the cyclone, was developed in partnership with LSU to provide better air flow in football helmets for players of all ages. It not only provides comfort, it reduces fog with visors generated by body heat, reduces the risk of heat exhaustion, and helps provide better performance all game or practice long on a single charge. It’s now being used by players in the NCAA and NFL, where we are continuing to refine and advance our technology based on player feedback. 

Achieving our mission doesn’t end with one product. We are hard at work creating more innovative sports technology for comfort and performance. We are actively engaging our community to understand their needs, and looking to provide ways for athletes of all ages and skill levels to stay safe and competitive.