Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Cyclone fit into a helmet of any size?

The Cyclone fits into any size helmet for all ages. 

How do I install the Cyclone into my helmet?

You can find our installation instructional video here

What levels is the Cyclone being used at?

The Cyclone is being used at all levels of football, including the NCAA and NFL.

How does the Cyclone keep players safer?

The air circulation over the skin reduces overall body temperature. Our research has shown that lowering a player’s body temperature has the potential to reduce the risk of heat stroke and concussions. 

Could the Cyclone potentially break?

We have thoroughly tested the device and have seen no evidence of malfunction or damage to the Cyclone during play. 

How long is the Cyclone’s battery life?

The Cyclone lasts around four hours on a full charge. Turning it off when it is not in use helps conserve battery life. 

What is the expected lifetime of the Cyclone?

The Cyclone lasts on an average of two years. 

What is your warranty? 

We have a 6 month Limited Warranty on the Cyclone. Contact us for your available options.

If the Cyclone is compressed, the customer may return a damaged device and Tigeraire will replace/repair, and return the Cyclone at no cost within six (6) months from date of purchase. Replacement/repaired devices do not extend terms on original 6 month warranty. Warranty ends 6 months from date of purchase of the original Cyclone.

What is your return/exchange policy?

An unopened Cyclone may be returned for a full refund within sixty (60) days of purchase, minus the cost of original shipping fees (where applicable). The customer will be responsible for all shipping fees.

Refunds and exchanges will be given once the returned Cyclones have been received at the Tigeraire office. Contact us to start the return or exchange process.

What is your Helmet Warranty Coverage?

The Cyclone is classified by helmet manufacturers as an “external enhancement device” and to date, no helmet manufacturers have stated in writing that the Cyclone will affect their warranty. If your shell cracks and the helmet manufacturer refuses to replace it, citing the Cyclone as the reason, Tigeraire will cover the warranty and replace the shell for up to five (5) years, provided that the helmet has met all NOCSAE reconditioning requirements. Please note that no helmet, nor the Cyclone, has a warranty that includes liability. Consumer assumes risk when choosing to use The Cyclone.

We give this warranty because we don’t want red tape to be the reason your athlete doesn’t utilize the extra impact reduction the Cyclone provides. It is the coach and parental right to choose.